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Unlock the power of IT innovation with KASTERVO, your trusted partner for tailored cloud solutions and IT services in the European and EMEA regions. Explore our comprehensive offerings, including Managed Cloud, Consulting, and Systems Hardening, designed to fuel your business's digital success.

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Managed Cloud

Just because you moved to the cloud, doesn't mean you won't need management. Information Technology systems are like your car.


Knowlegde is power. We can assist you with low and high level details regarding your tech-stack.

Systems Hardening

Defaults are not meant for all. If that's your case, we have the perfect strategy for you.

Remote Working

Work from around the globe, achieve efficiency and better results, without sacrificing security and compliance.

By Sector

Retail & E-Comerece

Cloud services for demanding physical store franchises and secure e-commerce hosting on Kastervo.


Cloud services in for industrial Supply Chain Management Systems (SCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on Kastervo Highly Available (HA) and Secure Infrastructure.

Software Houses & Agencies

Keep track of your commits, code changes and builds. Develop and offer your application to your clients from a secure, highly available and managed infrastructure.


GDPR Compliant Cloud Services for Legal Teams to manage and control document access, sensitivity authentication and authorization.

Transport / Import / Export

Stay online from anywhere and keep track of your shipments and invoicing by leveraging the Kastervo High-Available Cloud hosting for your ERP.

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The most necessary and additional set of cloud services, a modern business will utilize daily.

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Find out more about, our philosophy, our infrastructure, our partnerships and more.

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