Our PhilosophyOur Philosophy

Strong values and work ethic, is the reason why our customers trust us all those years!

Behind the brand

Kastervo started as an idea in August 2018 from a passionate team about information technology systems, cloud concepts and corporate security and established in May 2021 in Cyprus.

  • Our name

    The name “Kastervo” it’s completely made up. As we grow older, that name means integrity, security and professionalism.

  • The belief system

    We believe that the technology and data inside a business is the most critical asset, our goal is to protect it and engineering it in a way that works and fit the desired goal. We will never try to optimize things that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Our thirst for technology knowledge fortunately never ends. We love getting our hands dirty, dive into unpredictable waters, reading books and test new things.

From our CTO

Our direction

As an alternative cloud provider, our goal is to make businesses achieve their best potential by integrating different technologies and systems. Our vision is to empower groups of people to do what they know best, in a safe and reliable way.

Additionally we do not get involved with drama, irrelevant trends and politics. Our people are rock-stars on their job with formality and professionalism.


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We operate on hardware made by reputable enterprise hardware vendors.

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Kastervo is built and operates on strong non-negotiable security principles and best practices.

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Technology Partners

An overview of our established strategic partnerships with major technology companies.

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