Kastervo is built and operates on strong non-negotiable security principles and best practices.

Fundamentally, we established procedures and standards in order to make our deployments as secure as possible. Just like in lock-picking, in cybersecurity world, everything that gets locked, there’s a way to unlock it. Either by exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, humans or obsolete systems.

We adopted secure best-practices on operational level with a bi-directional communication. Company security policies are enforced in a top-down method and our users trained to report immediately any problems and abnormal behavior they encounter.

To ensure compliance with industry-standards like PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015. We’ve implemented an internal information security program that consists policies, procedures and forms. We’ve created tools to automatically harden new deployments and we’ve built systems that monitor health, logs, file integrity, login access and more.

Additionally, we established strategic partnerships with Authorized Scanning Vendors and security companies, to perform the required vulnerability scanning and penetration testing against our infrastructure.

Our clients enjoy, reliable, secure and fast cloud services. We can confidently say that we will be the last cloud provider you’ll have to deal with.

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We operate on hardware made by reputable enterprise hardware vendors.

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