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Cloud services for demanding physical store franchises and secure e-commerce hosting on Kastervo.

Physical Stores

In a physical store you have two main critical tasks.

  • Having a fully operational POS Device.
  • The ability to issue receipts and update the store inventory automatically after a successful sale.


On an e-commerce scenario the risks you have to combat increase and the four main critical tasks are the following:

  • Ability to accept credit cards.
  • Systems Security and Active Response.
  • High-Availability and automatic failover.
  • Fast Scalability.

Stop trying to consolidate services from different providers by yourself, focus on growing your revenue and business scale.

What KASTERVO offers you:
  • High-Availability ERP hosting environment.
  • Load-Balanced access to your website including scalable resources during high-selling seasons.
  • Aggregated communication between the Web & ERP developers.
  • Network level architecture and integration between physical stores and the KASTERVO Virtual Private Cloud (KVPC).


A 2015 IDC study showed that properly integrated systems can offer you:

36% Increase in business revenue.

30% Decrease in Op-Ex costs.

23% Reduced compliance risk.


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