Remote WorkingRemote Working

Work from around the globe, achieve efficiency and better results.

Centralize your core business, decentralize your physical presence, optimize your workflow.


Commute won't stop you from providing services.

There are certain jobs that don’t require physical presence in an office any more. Accountants, Lawyers, IT Personnel, Sales People, you name it. They can all achieve similar, if not better results just by using their smartphone or laptop, all they need after that is a reliable internet connection.

Save on time... and money.

Imagine doing your daily job while having the view of the sea or a beautiful rain forest in front of you. We've done it and for that reason we are huge advocates of remote working here in Kastervo. Remote working benefits your work/life balance, reduces stress levels and allows you to build stronger relationships with the people you love.


Here's what we can do for you

Private Cloud
  • Tailor made architecture
  • System migration while ensuring minimum disruption
  • Daily automated Backups powered by Veeam® Software
  • Central Logging
  • Scalable resources
  • Access using VPN with 2-Factor Authentication
  • Systems Hardening
Microsoft 365
  • Migration
  • Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, shared calendars and OneDrive
  • Microsoft 365 backups powered Veeam® Software
  • Single Sign-On
  • Ease of use
  • Seamless integration with Windows 11 and Microsoft Office.


Reduced Cap-Ex costs

Building a small data-center inside your premises belongs to the past. Forget those electricity bills.

Data Protection

With encryption, sensitivity labels and automated daily backups.

Enhanced Security

Policies, Intrusion Prevention and Central Logging systems can be deployed.

No disruptions

Worry-free from power outages and hardware failures. Your availability is drastically increases.

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Systems Hardening

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